Spanish 1 Chapter 2 part 1

Question Answer bailer to dance cantar to sing correr to run dibujar to draw escribir cuentos to write stories escuchar musica to listen to music esquiar to ski hablar por telefono to talk on the phone ir a la escuela to go to school jugar videojuegos to play video games leer revistas to read magazines

Ch 1

Question Answer A?De quA© nacionalidad? What nationality? Perezoso/a Lazy Alto/a Tall Bajo/a Short AntipA?tico/a Not nice, unpleasant SimpA?tico/a Nice Pero But Bastante Rather quite Aburrido/a Boring PequeA±o/a Small, little El Curso Course El muchacho Boy La muchacha Girl Gracioso/a Funny Rubio/a Blond Feo/a Ugly Guapo/a Attractive Bonito/a Pretty FA?cil Easy TambiA©n Also/too

Nutrition Chapter 1

Term Definition Nutrients Life-sustaining chemicals in food that are necessary for proper body functioning. Nutrition Study of nutrients and how the body uses these substances. Diet Usual pattern of food choices Risk factor Personal characteristic that increases a person's chances of developing a disease. Lifestyle Way of living that includes diet, physical activity habits, use […]

8th vocabulary qz1 8th vocabulary quiz 1

Question Answer Resilient Capable of recovering quickly from the miss fortune or turn in quickly to original shape or condition Turbulence Great disturbance or stormy rapid changes in wind in the direction of the atmosphere Rebuff Do you reject bluntly or blunt, a setback Pseudonym Efficacious name you spell author a pen name Proprietor And […]