Term Definition
naturalization a legal process to obtain citizenship
alien a noncitizen
immigrant a person who moves permanently to a new country
deport to send alien or immigrant back to his or hers own country
civics the study of the rights and duties of citizens
citizenship rights and duties of member of a state
citizen community member who owes loyalty to the government and is entitled to protection from it
service economy where the majority of people earn their living by providing a service rather than manufacturing
value the general principles or beliefs people use to make judgments and decisions
popular sovereignty the notion that power lies with the people
institution set of ideas that people have about relationships, obligations, roles, and functions of society
government the ruling authority for a community
public policy the course of action the government takes in response to an issue or problem
budget a plan for making and spending money
democracy a government in which citizens holds the power
direct democracy a form of democracy in which the people vote firsthand
representative democracy a government in which citizens choose a smaller group to govern on their behalf
republic a representative democracy where citizens choose their lawmaker
monarchy a government with a hereditary, single leader
majority rule political principle providing that a majority of the members of a community has the power to make laws binding upon all the people
authoritarian a government in which one leader or group of people holds absolute power
totalitarian a system in which government control extends to almost all aspects of people's lives

reading vocab

Question Answer
Antique Dating From a long period of time
Aroma An odor arising from spices plants cooking especially an agreement odor fragrance
Cherub A celestial being
Deliberately Carefully weighted or considered studied intentional
Diphtheria A febrile infectious disease caused by the bacillus
Dooding To draw or scribble
Harmonize To bring into harmony accord or agreement
Misplace To put in a wrong place
Obscured Not clear or plain ambiguous vague or uncertain
Pottery Ceramic ware especially earthenware and stoneware
Primitive Being the first or earliest of the kind or in existence especially in a early age of the world
Torment To afflict with great bodily or mental suffering pain
Trespassing Law an unlawful act causing injury to the person property or right of another committed with force or violence actual or implied

Archeology The study of historic people and their cultures.
Audible Loud enough to be heard.
Bureau A chest of drawers.
Dense Having the component parts closely together.
Embedded To fix into a surrounding mass.
Eternity Infinite time duration without beginning or end.
Fretting To feel or express.
Morbid suggesting an unhealthy mental state or attitude.
Saunter To walk with a leisurely gait.
Terrace A raised level with a vertical.

Spanish 20 Words

Question Answer
QuA© tiempo hace? What's the weather like
Hace buen tiempo The weather is nice
Hace mal tiempo The weather is bad
Hace mucho calor It's very hot
Hace sol It's sunny
CuA?nto es? How much
El cumpleaA±os Birthday
A quA© hora es? At what time is it
Que hora es? What time is it
Escalate una It's 1:00
Y media Half past
Y cuarto Room
De nada Your welcome
Hasta luego See you later
Hasta pronto See you soon
Hasta maA±ana See you tomorrow
Hace frio It's cold
Hace fresco It's cool
Enero January
Domingo Sunday

Spanish1B Chap5 Voc. Spanish 1B Chap. 5 Vocabulary Flashcards

Spanish English Definition
los deportes sports
el futbol soccer
el beisbol baseball
el basquetbol, el baloncesto basketball
el tenis tennis
el partido, el juego game
el equipo team, equipment
el/la jugador(a) player
el/la aficionado(a) fan
el/la espectador(a) spectator
el tanto score
jugar(a) to play (sports)
empezar, comenzar to begin
volver to return (to a place)
poder to be able
querer to want, to wish
perder to lose
ganar to win
aplaudir to applaud, to clap
el campo de futbol soccer field
el tiempo half (soccer)
el balon ball (with air in it)
el/la portero(a) goalie
la porteria goal
el gol goal
lanzar to kick, to throw
tocar to touch
guardar to guard
entrar to enter, to go into
bloquear to block
meter (un gol) to score (a goal)
el campo de beisbol baseball field
el/la beisbolista baseball player
el/la bateador(a) batter
el/la lanzador(a) pitcher
el/la picher pitcher
el/la catcher catcher
el/la receptor(a) catcher
el/la jardinero(a) Outfielder
el bate bat
el guante glove
el platillo home plate
la base base
el jonron home run
batear to hit, to bat
correr to run
atrapar to catch
la cancha court
el cesto, la canasta basket
tirar to throw
driblar(con) to dribble
encestar to make a basket
la raqueta tennis racket
la pelota ball (without air–tennis ball, baseball, etc.)
la red net
individuales singles (tennis)
dobles doubles (tennis)
golpear to hit (a ball)
pasar to pass
devolver to return something (to a thing/person)
por encima de over, above
la camiseta T-shirt
el pantalon corto shorts
los calcetines largos long socks
las zapatillas shoes, sneakers
?De que color es? What color is it?
Amarillo Yellow
Anaranjado Orange
Azul Blue
Blanco White
Marron Brown
Gris Grey
Negro Black
Rojo Red
Rosado Pink
Verde Green
Gustar Like
Interesar Interest
Aburir Bore
Pensar Think
Dormir Sleep
Preferrir Prefer
Propio Own
?Que pena! What a shame!
Lo siento (mucho) I'm sorry (very)
?Que piensas de…? What do you think…(of/about)..?
Barbaro! Awesome!

Los Verbos Verbos Regulares

Question Answer
Organizar To organize
Ayudar To help
Bailar To dance
Beber To drink
Cantar To sing
Correr To run
Hablar To talk
Hacer To do / to make
Jugar To play (a sport)
Lavar To wash
Cocinar To cook
Practicar To practice
Mirar To look
Estudiar To study
Escuchar To listen
Escribir To write
Nadar To swim
Beber To drink
Necesitar To need
Leer To read
Comer To eat
Dormir To sleep
Ir To go
Manejar To drive
Tocar To play (an instrument)
Vivir To live
Recibir To receive
Cuidar a To take care of
Pasar To pass
Tomar To take

Stack #2578021

Question Answer
Cyber Bullying The abuse of online materials to further harm another person
Royalty Free
Web site
Public Domain
Fair Use
Search Engines
Web Browser
Public Domain
Fair Use
Search Engines
Web Browser

Web 1 vocab

Term Definition
Fair Use The conditions under which you can use material that is copyrighted by someone else without paying.
Public Domain A range of materials that are not property of anyone.
Search Engine A tool designed to search the internet to provide information.
Internet An electronic system of linked computers that share data.
Phising A criminal offence, accessing personal or sensitive information without permission; usually genered via email.
Cyber Bullying The abuse of online materials to further harm another person.
netiquette Online etiquette, a set of rules to follow to create a safe environment.
Web Browser An application that enables a client to preform electronically enhanced tasks using the internet.

Web 1 Terms

Term Definition
fair use the conditions under which you can use material that is copyrighted by someone else without paying
public domain a range of materials that are not property of anyone
search engine a tool designed to search the internet to provide information (i.e. Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.)
internet an electronic system of linked computers that share data
phishing a criminal offense, accessing personal or sensitive information without permission; usually generated by email
cyberbullying the abuse of online materials to further harm another person
netiquette online (internet) etiquette, a set of rules to follow to create a safe environment
web browser an application that enables a client to perform electornically enhanced tasks using the internet (i.e. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.)
website collection of different pages on the internet designed to help complete tasks
royalty free a contract between two servers entitling each the use of their propert; clip art, images, graphics, etc. and other create content which may be offered to the public to be used in a specific way (usually at a cost)
hyperlink a reference link in a document to another document
piracy false assumption of data; illegally downloading
copyright a form of property which gives the owner certain rights that may be denied to others
HTML hyper text markup language
intranet a network within a specific organization; pnly accessible by individuals employed by that company
download receiving files from another computer; the transfer of files from one computer to another
cyberspace a metaphor for describing the non-physical terrain created by computer systems; the electronic world
email electronic mail
surfing using the Web to search for information
client a personal computer connected to a server
upload sending files to a computer out on the internet
plagiarism the use or close imitation of another's work without permission
network allows computers to share resources
hypertext text that serves as a link to another web page

NOS Test

Term Definition
Science is the investigation and exploration of natural events of the new information that results from those investigations
Inference is a logical explanation of an observation that is drawn from prior knowledge or experience
Observation is using one or more of your senses to gather information and take note of what occur
Hypothesis a possible explanation about an observation that can be tested by scientific investigations
Prediction is a statement of what will happen next in a sequence of events
Scientific theory is a explanation of observations or events based on knowledge gained from many observations and investigataions
Scientific law describes a pattern or an event in nature that is always true
Critical thinking is comparing what you already know with the information you are given in order to decide whether you agree with it
Dependent Variable is the factor measured or observed during an experiment
Independent Variable is the factor measured or observed during an experiment
Constants are the factors in an experiment that remain the same

Matter Isa 5 Matter and Its Properties

Term Definition
Everything around us is made of a few kinds of matter
Elements are basic building blocks of life
gold is an element find in a pure form
Elements combine to make up all other kinds of matter
There are on Earth more than a hundred elements
iron and oxygen form rust
Fe iron
O oxygen
Living and nonliving things are made of few elements combined in many ways.