Web 1 Terms

Term Definition
fair use the conditions under which you can use material that is copyrighted by someone else without paying
public domain a range of materials that are not property of anyone
search engine a tool designed to search the internet to provide information (i.e. Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.)
internet an electronic system of linked computers that share data
phishing a criminal offense, accessing personal or sensitive information without permission; usually generated by email
cyberbullying the abuse of online materials to further harm another person
netiquette online (internet) etiquette, a set of rules to follow to create a safe environment
web browser an application that enables a client to perform electornically enhanced tasks using the internet (i.e. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.)
website collection of different pages on the internet designed to help complete tasks
royalty free a contract between two servers entitling each the use of their propert; clip art, images, graphics, etc. and other create content which may be offered to the public to be used in a specific way (usually at a cost)
hyperlink a reference link in a document to another document
piracy false assumption of data; illegally downloading
copyright a form of property which gives the owner certain rights that may be denied to others
HTML hyper text markup language
intranet a network within a specific organization; pnly accessible by individuals employed by that company
download receiving files from another computer; the transfer of files from one computer to another
cyberspace a metaphor for describing the non-physical terrain created by computer systems; the electronic world
email electronic mail
surfing using the Web to search for information
client a personal computer connected to a server
upload sending files to a computer out on the internet
plagiarism the use or close imitation of another's work without permission
network allows computers to share resources
hypertext text that serves as a link to another web page