Vital Signs

Term Definition
Radial Pulse Pulse site on the wrist.
Cartoid Pulse Pulse found in cartoid artery in the neck.
Temporal Pulse Number of heart beats per minute
Pulse Rate Number of heart beats per minute
Pulse Rhythm Steadyness of pulse
Tachycardia Abnormally rapid heart rate.
Bradycardia Abnormally slow heart rate.
Arrythmia Irregular pattern of the heart rate
Inhalation Breathing in
Exhalation Phase of respiration when muscles relax and the air is moved out of the lungs.
Respiration Rate Number of breaths per minute
Tachypnea Abnormally rapid respiratory rate at rest
Bradypnea Abnormally slow respiratory rate.
Respiratory Rhythm Pattern of breaths.
Respiration Depth amount of air inhlaed or exhaled
Sphygmomanometer instrument used to measure blood pressure
Brachial Artery Main artery of the arm used to record blood pressure.
Antecubital Space Indented area inside of the elbow as the arm is stretched straight
Systolic Pressure created when heart contracts and forces blood through the arteries.
Diastolic Pressure Created as the arteries return ti their original state when the heart relaxes between contractions.
Hypertension Higher than normal blood pressure.
Hypotension lower than normal blood pressure