Story Elements Terms Flashcards to help memorize story element terms

Term Definition
Characters The individuals (people or animals) that the story is about.
Theme The life lesson that the author wants you to take away. Also known as the "main idea" or "underlying message".
Setting The location (time and place) of where the action is set.
Protagonist The main character in a story. This person often has a goal that he or she is trying to accomplish.
Antagonist The person in the story who opposes the protagonist. Sometimes they are the "villain."
Exposition One of the five elements of plot, this is when the characters and setting are introduced.
Rising Action Element of plot. This is when the conflict begins to heighten (right before the climax) and suspense occurs.
Climax Element of plot. This is the turning point of the story when the "big secret" is revealed.
Falling Action Element of plot. This is the aftermath of the climax that comes just before the resolution.
Resolution Element of plot. At this point, the conflict is resolved.
Conflict The problem, struggle, or challenge in the story that needs to be overcome.
External Conflict Conflict that is physical; a struggle with an outside force, either with another character or nature itself.
Internal Conflict Conflict that a character faces within his or her own mind.
Plot The series of events that make up a story (i.e. exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution).