reading vocab

Question Answer
Antique Dating From a long period of time
Aroma An odor arising from spices plants cooking especially an agreement odor fragrance
Cherub A celestial being
Deliberately Carefully weighted or considered studied intentional
Diphtheria A febrile infectious disease caused by the bacillus
Dooding To draw or scribble
Harmonize To bring into harmony accord or agreement
Misplace To put in a wrong place
Obscured Not clear or plain ambiguous vague or uncertain
Pottery Ceramic ware especially earthenware and stoneware
Primitive Being the first or earliest of the kind or in existence especially in a early age of the world
Torment To afflict with great bodily or mental suffering pain
Trespassing Law an unlawful act causing injury to the person property or right of another committed with force or violence actual or implied

Archeology The study of historic people and their cultures.
Audible Loud enough to be heard.
Bureau A chest of drawers.
Dense Having the component parts closely together.
Embedded To fix into a surrounding mass.
Eternity Infinite time duration without beginning or end.
Fretting To feel or express.
Morbid suggesting an unhealthy mental state or attitude.
Saunter To walk with a leisurely gait.
Terrace A raised level with a vertical.