Medical Language Introduction

Term Definition
Hyperglycemia Blood condition of excessive sugar
Hypoglycemia Blood condition of deficient sugar
Hypodermic Pertaining to below the skin
Prenatal Pertaining to before birth
Postprandial Pertaining to after meals
Hypooxemia Blood condition of deficient oxygen
Epigastric Pertaining to above the stomach
Suprarenal Pertaining to above the kidneys
Subnasal Pertaining to below the nose
Infranasal Pertaining to below the nose
Uniocular Pertaining to one (1) eye
Bilateral Pertaining to two (2) sides
Trifocal Pertaining to three (3) foci
Quadriplegic Pertaining to paralysis of four (4) limbs
Periosteitis Inflammation around bone
Circumcision Process of cutting around
Incision Process of cutting in
Excision aka Surgical Removal Process of cutting out
Cholecystectomy Surgical removal (excision) of the gall bladder
Anesthesiology Study of no feeling or nervous sensation
Aphasic Pertaining to no speech
Dysphagis Condition of difficult or painful swallowing
Endotracheal Pertaining to within the trachea
Intramuscular Pertaining to within muscle
Intervertebral Pertaining to between the vertebrae
Retrosternal Pertaining to behind the sternum
Transurethral Pertaining to across or through the urethra
Semicircular Pertaining to half circle
Bradycardia Condition of slow heart (pulse)
Antibacterial Pertaining to against bacteria
Contraception Process against conception
Electrocardigram A record of electrical activity in the heart
Electrocardiograph Machine to record electrical activity in the heart
Electrocardiography Process of recording electrical activity in the heart
Echocardiogram A record of the heart using sound
Echocardiograph Machine to record the heart using sound
Echocardiography Process of recording the heart using sound
Prehypothyroidism Condition of before deficiency of thyroid hormone
Antimicrobial Pertaining to against small life
Microbiologist Specialist in the study of small life
fungicidal Pertaining to killing fungi
Oncogenic Pertaining to tumor (cancer) creation
Tachypnea Fast breathing
Diplopia Double vision
Aplasia & Atrophy no growth or development
Hyperplasia & Hypertrophy Excessive growth or development
Neoplasm & Neoplasia New growth or development
Polyuria Excessive urination
Multiparous Many live (viable) births
Hemiparesis Partial paralysis or right or left side of the body
Neurotoxic Pertaining to nerve poison
Myometrial Pertaining to muscle layer of the uterus
Acrophobia Condition of fear or sensitivity to heights
Leukocytopenia Deficiency of white cells
Erythrocytosis Abnormal condition of (excessive) red cells
Nephrolithiasis Abnormal condition of kidney stone(s)
Coagulopathy Condition of coagulation disease
Cardiovascular Pertaining to the heart and (blood) vessels
Vasoconstriction Decreased diameter (lumen) of a (blood) vessel(s)
Vasodilation Increased diameter (lumen) of (blood) vessel(s)
Angiorrhexis Rupture of a (blood) vessel
Hemorrage & Hemorrhagia Rapid flow (hemmorhage) of blood
Hematemesis Vomitting blood
Arthrocentesis Surgical puncture of a joint
Cephalalgia (ha) Pain in the head
Thoracodynia Pain in the thorax
Splenomegaly Enlargement of the spleen
Colotome Surgical instrument to cut the colon
Colotomy Surgical incision of the colon
Colostomy Artificial opening into the colon
Appendectomy Surgical removal of the appendix
Colonoscope Lighted instrument to view the colon
Colonoscopy Process of using a colonoscope to view the colon
Laparoscope Lighted instrument to view the abdomen
Laparoscopy Process of using a laparoscope to view the abdomen
Rhinoplasty Surgical repair to the nose aka nose job
Mastopexy Surgical fixation of a breast
Thrombolysis & thrombolytic Break up or destruction of clot(s)
Herniorrhaphy Suturing a hernia (protrusion or bulging)
Cystocele Herniation of the urinary bladder
Blepharoptosis Prolapse of an eyelid
Arteriostenosis Narrowing (stricture) of an artery(ies)
Thermometer Instrument to measure heat
Pelvimetry Process of measuring the pelvis
Lipase Fat (lipid) enzyme
Enzyme Chemical catalysts that cause reactions
Myeloid Resembling bone marrow
Lithotripsy Crushing a stone(s) aka calculus (calculi
Arteriole Small artery
Venule Small vein
Psychiatry Treatment of the mind
Albinism Condition of white
Melanoma Black tumor or mass
Cyanosis Abnormal condition of blue
Cirrhosis Abnormal condition of yellow aka jaundice, iceterus, xanthoderma
Hepatomegaly Enlargement of the liver
Anorexic Pertaining to no appetite
Celiac Pertaining to the abdomen
Viral Pertaining to a virus
Lobar Pertaining to a lobe aka a section
Salivary Pertaining to salivia
Pharyngeal Pertaining to the pharynx aka the throat
Psychological Pertaining to the study of the mind
Exterior Pertaining to the outside
Palatine Pertaining to a palate aka the oral roof
Cutaneous Pertaining to the skin
Auditory Pertaining to hearing
Visual Pertaining to vision (sight)
Acoustic Pertaining to sound
Cells Microscopic basic units of life