Latin Vowels

Question Answer
Sound of a as in father,
Das, cara
Sound of e As in They,
me, Sedes
Sound of i as in Machine,
hic, sica
Sound of o as in clover,
os, Mores
Sound of u As in Rude,
tu, sumo
a as in dinah,
dat, casa
e as in pet,
et, sed
i as in pin,
hic, sicca
o as in orb, off,
os, mora
u as in put,
tum, sum
y either short or long sounds is in between u and i, as in French tu.
ae as ai in aisle, carae, saepe
au as ou in house, aut, laudo
ei as in reign, Deinde
eu as Latin e+u, pronounced rapidly as a single syllable; seu. The sound does not occur in English and is rare in Latin.
oe as in oi in oil; coepit, proelium
ui as in Latin u+i, spoken as a single syllable like Spanish muy, ( english gooey) – Only occurs in these words huius, cuius, huic, cui, hui.