Greek god’s

Term Definition
Athena goddess of war
Zeus symbol of the thunderbolt
Hades god of the underworld
Apollo Artemis' twin brother
Hades An antisocial god that does not like people
Apollo The god of sun, music, poetry, and medicine
Hera the jealous wife of Zeus
Zeus has the Roman name of Jupiter
Hades the Wealthiest god
Poseidon Greek god with the roman name of Neptune
Athena goddess of wisdom
Artemis goddess of hunting and twin of Apollo
Hestia goddess of hearth and home who gave up her throne for Dionysus
Demeter mother of Persephone roman name Ceres
Dionysus roman name Bacchus
Hermes Symbols are winged sandal and winged helmet
Hephaestus The only handicapped greek god
Ares roman name Mars god of war
Hestia roman name Vesta
Artemis roman name Diana
Hephaestus roman name Vulcan symbols of fire and hammer
Hermes roman name Mercury, messenger of the gods
Dionysus god of wine
Aphrodite goddess of love and beauty