employability skills vocabulary

Term Definition
Chronological resume a document that gives an applicant's work experience in order with the most recent experience listed first
Electronic resume a document that gives qualifications and work history for an applicant in electronic format.
Functional resume a document that indicates the skills and qualifications of an applicant for a particular job.
Job boards a resource that allows individuals to browse job listings by company, industry, location, country, and pay.
Networking – making contacts with people who may help you in the job search process.
Portfolio – a compilation of samples of work and other career-related information.
Chronic Complainer a costumer who is never satisfied and feel that there is always something wrong .
Coaching session when a manager trains employees how to properly handle given situation.
complaint communication from a customer that alleges deficiencies after a purchase has been made.
costumer service a company's ability to-supply wants and needs to customers
customer service representative the person in a business or company that most often interacts with the customer before and after a transaction has occurred.
hight roller customer a customer who expect the absolute best and willing to pay for it generally.
manager a person who has control or direction of a company or business.
meek customer a customer who will generally not complain most dangerous to businesses because they will complain to other people.
rip off customer a customer who wants to get something they are not entitled to receive often responds with a repetitive ''not good enough '' response.
troubleshoot to determine what problem exist and how to correct them.