Descubre1 Ch.2 Verbs All -AR Verbs from Descubre 1 Ch. 2

Question Answer
bailar to dance
buscar to look for / to search
caminar to walk
cantar to sing
cenar to have dinner
comprar to buy
contestar to answer
conversar to talk
desayunar to have breakfast
descansar to rest
desear to wish
dibujar to draw
ensenar to teach
escuchar la radio/musica to listen to the radio
esperar + (infinitive) to hope
esperar to wait
estar To be
estudiar to study
explicar to explain
gustar to like (literally: "to be pleasing to")
hablar to speak
llegar to arrive
llevar to carry, to wear
mirar to look / watch
necesitar to need
practicar to practice
preguntar to ask
preparar to prepare
regresar to come back
terminar to finish
tomar to take
trabajar to work
viajar to travel