ap period 2 2,3,4,6

Question Answer
who was Buddhism founded by? Siddhartha Gautama
Who Was the movement against? Bahmin control of Vedic Religion and dependence on rituals
What were the core 'beliefs called? sutras
What were the 4 Noble truths People experience Suffering because of selfish desires
What was the Purpose of the eight fold Path? Acted as a way to end suffering and attain personal enlightenment (nirvana)
In what type Of Buddhism did monks Practice asceticism in monasteries? Theravada
t. Buddhism was Spread by who as a way to unify What empire? Ashoka and mauryan Empire
What did Some women in t. Buddhim do and why? Buddhist nuns because they could attain salvation, and escape Patriarchy
Where did Hinduism Spread? South and southeast asia
Who spread Hinduism? merchants
What happened when Hinduism was spread? it became more Syncretic (borrowed and adapted to local Circumstances)
What practices Of Buddhism did they borrow first? asceticism to achieve Moksha
It then became less ____and more ______ to attract A wider following. This was called what? monistic, monotheistic. Devotion Hinduism
what works did Popular Hinduism develop out of? Bhagavad-Gita
How could People reach moksha? Perform one's Dharma, live an ascetic lit or display devotion to a Hindu god (manifestations of Brahman)
What type of Buddhism developed C. 1st century CE Mahayana
How did Mahayana Buddhism become more wide-speed? It became less ascetic
why did Merchants convert? they could donate money to attain salvation (helped belief System Spred on the silk road
Monks acted as what and where? missionaries On the silk road
Who were the Buddhas Who helped Others attain enlightenment Bodhisattvas
What helped merchants in the indian ocean trade with South Asia Monsoon winds
the winds helped vessels Sail towards and away from here. south Asia
What increased trade? new maritime Technologies
___ships used _____sails Dhow, lateen
What were lateen Sails? triangular sail that can Pivot on the mast that allowed greater maneuverability in the wind
what were Some luxury items found on the trade routes Spices and cloth