Anatomy vocab 1

Term Definition
marco- Large
epi- Above, upon
circum- Around
mal- Bad, inadeguate
pre- before
tachy- rapid
neo- new
en- endo- intra- within, inner
ec- ecto- out, outside
hyper- supra- excessive, above
quadri- four
hypo- sub- infra- below, beneath
anti- against
para- peri- beside, near
oliog- deficiency
post- after, following
bi- two
multi- poly- many, much
eu- good, normal
iso- same, equal
inter- between
brady- slow
ultra- beyond
dys- painful , difficult
tox- poisonous
hemi- half
ab- away from
ad- toward
re- retro- behind, back
uni- one
micro- small
a- an- in- without, absence of
pro- before, forward
dia- trans- through, across
ex- extra- away from, external
auto- self
-graph recording instrument
-penia deficiency
-phobia fear
-osis abnormal condition
-opia vision
-kinesis -kinesia movement
-ist specialist
-dipsia thirst (drinking)
-gen -genesis creating, producing
-cide -cidal destroying, killing
-rrhea flow, discharge
-gram record
-lith stone
-plasm -plasia formation, growth
-metry measurement
-malacia softening
-ole -ule small
-pathy disease
-ptosis drooping, prolapse
-cele hernia
-graphy process of recording
-therapy treatment
-derma skin
-algia -dynia pain
-oma tumor
-ia -ism condition
-tome cutting instrument
-meter instrument for measuring
-lysis destruction of
-rrhage -rrhagia bursting forth
-pause cessation, stopping
-phoria feeling
-plegia paralysis
-ectasis dilation, expansion
-tripsy crushing
-ectomy excision, surgical removal
-rrhexis rupture
-scopy visual examination
-oid resembling
-emesis vomiting
-trophy nourishment or growth
-esthesia sensation
-plasty surgical repair
-edema swelling
-stenosis narrowing, stricture
-iasis pathological condition or state (usually includes presence of a stone)
-stomy mouthlike opening
-phasia speech
-centesis surgical puncture
-clast -clasis breaking
-gravida pregnant woman
-pepsia digestion
-pnea breathing
-rrhapy- suture, suturing
-stasis cessation, stopping
-pexy surgical fixation
-itis inflammation
-megaly enlargement
-uria urine
-phagia -phage eating, swallowing
-emia a condition of the blood
-tomy cutting into, incision
-cyte cell
-al -ac -ar -ary -ia -(t)ic -ical -ory -eal -(t)ous pertaining to
-scope instrument used to view
-paresis slight or partial paralysis