8th vocabulary qz1 8th vocabulary quiz 1

Question Answer
Resilient Capable of recovering quickly from the miss fortune or turn in quickly to original shape or condition
Turbulence Great disturbance or stormy rapid changes in wind in the direction of the atmosphere
Rebuff Do you reject bluntly or blunt, a setback
Pseudonym Efficacious name you spell author a pen name
Proprietor And owner of a store other business
Purvade To spread throughout
Inauguration The act of stalling in an office
Inaugurate To begin officiallyor Mark the opening of
Inaugurate Who install in a office with a formal ceremony
Excruciating Extremely painful
Evocative Creating something again especially through imagination
Evoke To bring to mind often by suggestions
Evoke To call forth: to produce
Emulate To try to equal;' to imitate
Demeaning Degrading or losing reputation
Demean To cause a lowering of self-esteem: to lower in reputation or character
Concise Short into the point