7th Grade Roots 6th Grade Greek & Latin Roots–2017-18

Question Answer
photos light
graph write or draw
tele far
metron measure
philia love or friendship
phobos fear
tropos turning
syn with or together
thesis put, place, position
kinesis movement
phone sound
sonus sound
skopeo to look at
video/visum to see
logos a word, speech or study
verbum word
nomen/nominis name
pro for/before
pre before
ad to/toward
jacio/jactum to throw
com/con/col/co with, together
pono/positum put, place, lay
digitis fingers, toes, numerals 0 through 9
caput/capitis head
manus hands
pes/pedis feet
bracchium arms
dens/dentis teeth
figo/fixum to fix or attach
jungo/junctum to join
corpus/corporis body
unus one
duo two
tres three
quattuor four
quinque five
sex six
septem seven
octo eight
novem nine
decem ten
centum hundred
mille thousand
pyro fire
ignis fire
Vulcanus Roman god of fire
hydros water
aqua water
bonus good
helios sun
sol sun
luna moon
dia through
trans across
geo earth
terra land
dormio/dormitum sleep
hypnos sleep